………………………………”What’chu Talkin Bout Willis!?”…………………………………

This is the Facial Expression I usually get when I tell people about Body Language..

Undoubtedly You will be Shocked and Amazed that in the 1970’s At&t and Home Land Security have already PROVEN that OVER 70% of our communication is nonverbal.. .CRAZY, RIGHT?

Knowing this, I invite you to consider that when you “ITCH” and “SCRATCH” there is SO MUCH MORE to it than just an “ITCH” or “SCRATCH”…

Body Language (BL) has ABSOLUTELY TRANSFORMED MY LIFE and 1,000’s of others, not counting the FACT that this body of WISDOM has been the single catalyst for more MIRACLES than any other body of wisdom that I know and have experienced…

I have been DEEP in BL and in LOVE with BL for years now. I have 2 mentors, 1 from Military back ground and 1 from his own discipline…

My 1st experience with BL was where my Subconscious was using my body to tell a story by “Scratching” my Left Bicep that I was completely unaware of..

This is exactly where you will more than likely be at this moment on your journey..

During class I was “Scratching” my bicep so hard that I knew this wasn’t normal and something was up, just didn’t know that my SUICIDAL PAST was the underlying issue that was being communicated to my coach and then brought to my attention…

In class my coach facilitated my body language and Helped me reconnect with myself by giving myself permission to forgive myself and to love myself once again for my past pains and unforgiveness..

You may be asking- Brian, how does this apply to me? I’ve never been suicidal, I’ve moved on from my past……Are you sure?

Do you have:

-Symptoms and pains that don’t seem to go away? Even on medications?
-Do you have experiences that keep showing up that are not your highest, desired choices?
-Do you keep attracting broken experiences and people?
-Do you find yourself sabotaging yourself?
-Do you love yourself? If your answer is not a “YES”, this means “NO”
-Do you Wish to have the Power to Know, Understand and Reverse Symptoms as they appear and Before they turn into ILLNESS?

Naturally this sounds kinda crazy and as you TRUST ME, Almost magically you will start to see how logical this actually is..

This is the same information that people were paying $10,000’s a piece to listen to me share at one of my High Level Masterminds..

I invite to learn more and be at choice in your life by understanding the amazing art of communication that your body is Divinely communicating to you RIGHT NOW..

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