Who in your life, gives you advice, information and wisdom that you apply to you?

How many of them have reached success?  And are still successful in the specific area that you are desiring direction?

No matter what you’re trying to do or where you’re trying to go there are always people offering unsolicited advice.  They perceive their way to be fastest.   In my experience the advice they offer almost ALWAYS conflict each other.

Do you find the same thing?

Has this ever happened to you?

I have something for you that I believe you will find value in.

Trust me. I invite you to suspend your current beliefs and allow me to present this information to you.

The information I’m about to share with you comes from one of my mentors who is a former secret society member.

I encourage you to be open-minded with what I share, see how it feels and if it makes logical sense I invite you to adopt it as your own if you choose.

This information has proven to be extremely powerful, massively helpful and a game changer! It has given me a way to discern where and from whom I get information and advice.  It helps filter my habits, actions and behaviors which ultimately creates my desired outcomes more efficiently.

Here we go..


This is arguably the most important of the 3 we’re going to discuss today.

If you are seeking advice from someone who is not “qualified” you are going off course from the start. Which means every decision and action taken from this point is already off course and built on a faulty foundation.

The best way to determine if you are gaining qualified advice from someone is by looking at their life and with special attention examining the area in which you are seeking advice.

You will see clues, through the type of people in their life,  and how they handle themselves.  Look at their life for what it is you are seeking their advice for.

Success always leaves clues.

The fastest way to improve your performance is by modeling someone who has been there.  Done that and is still doing it.

Experience vs Knowledge?

There are 2 ways to learn in life.

One way is through experience. Gaining knowledge and wisdom from going through the pain or pleasure of the actual experience.

The next option you have is learning by wisdom through someone else’s experience.  The key is gaining wisdom from them and basing your actions off of their experience. Learning through wisdom means you are leveraging more qualified people’s experiences to maximize your own.

Use their knowledge, experience and wisdom to help you avoid the pain and setbacks.  They went through a lot of pain and potential pleasure to learn the information & gain the pearl of wisdom from their experience. This is by far the most preferred and optimal way to learn in my opinion. This can save years of wasted time, energy and headache.

My Dad comes to mind now and here is what he use to tell me and I love it and still use it:

“BOY! If you’re not gonna use your head, you may as well have two asses!” ha ha

In my past I tended toward hard hardheadedness and would only learn from my experience. Most of the time it was the hard way. Fast forward to today and my preference and preferred method of learning is through wisdom of my mentors in my life.


Your teach-ability index is how open-minded you are to receive new information. Most people are not teachable, stuck in their own ways and not open-minded. I know this doesn’t pertain to you.

Leaders are readers.

Here is a little exercise you can do in a couple of seconds that will help you understand where you fall on the teach-ability index scale.

Rate yourself from a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being 100% coachable and 1 being not coachable at all. Where did you fall on the scale?

Are you flexible, open to change and willing to truly listen to others?

If you are truly looking to master your performance the best place for you to be is at a 10. Sometimes this can be a challenge due to past programming and former belief systems.  These inhibit us from showing up and being our best.

It’s all about “Progress not Perfection” and as long as you are consistently moving forward I consider that a WIN.

One of the affirmations that I use is:

I give myself permission to be open-minded to new ideas and new information”


“I give myself permission to be comfortable being uncomfortable”

I filter all my advice from others through the next line.

“Prove all things and hold fast to that which is true”


The training balance scale refers to your ability to take new information and execute it. Many people have issues with taking action and executing information.

And some people are great at execution but with little training or knowledge in their field.

Real entrepreneurs and successful people take action immediately!  When they hear an idea they are already implementing before they hear the end of it. This is crucial.

The key is to find the balance between training and execution.

Just as above you can also use the scale, ranging from 1-10. Balanced at 10 meaning you understand when you have enough knowledge and now it’s time for execution.

Our goal should always be to learn. We are either growing or dying, it’s all about understanding the balance to help you to be most effective.

One of my challenges/opportunities is to be more consistent with execution and saying NO to more training and education. I love to learn! Especially if it’s body language, disease reversal nutrition or peak performance so saying NO can be a challenge for me.

Learning how to say NO is extremely important today. We are constantly bombarded with shiny objects and if you are not clear and definite with your purpose you can lose yourself.

One of my favorite quotes is this:

“Many things will catch my eye in life. I Only follow those that catch my heart”

Thank you for your time,

Brian Johnson

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